5 Controversial Cartoons

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Debate in stirring in Pakistan over a new animated female superhero known as the “Burka Avenger.” The cartoon centers on a female teacher who conceals herself in a black burka and uses her secret martial arts skills to combat child labor, discrimination and even battle the thugs who are trying to shut down local girls’ schools.

Its anti-Taliban message is an admirable one, however some are concerned that the show glamorizes the burka, a garment notoriously associated with oppression. While supporters argue that the character’s outfit is meant to empower the oppressed, others argue that the burka cannot possibly be used in positive symbolism. In any case, this controversy brings to mind other questionable cartoons of the past, though these ones weren’t exactly supporting an overall message of positive social change.
5 Controversial Cartoons

4Ren & Stimpy

If you watched Ren & Stimpy as a kid and you thought it was silly and whacky, take a look back at it now. Also, if you watched Ren & Stimpy as a kid, your parents were probably not monitoring you as closely as they should have been. Ren & Stimpy featured infinitely more bodily fluids than any children’s cartoon should, and even a good amount of scenes that literally took place inside an orifice of one of the characters. Oh, and let’s not forget Ren’s propensity for losing his mind and slipping into violent, psychotic episodes in which poor, sweet Stimpy often paid the price.

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