5 Hottest Female Reality TV Stars of All Time

Image Credit: Fansshare.com
When people want real drama that isn’t (too) scripted, these days they’re most likely to turn on some reality television. Yes, given its penchant for insanity, hissy fits and immaturity, the genre has become a guilty obsession for some. And it’s attracted quite a few aspiring actors, models, socialites, etc. to try a squeeze a little more than fifteen minutes of fame out of a constantly evolving medium. While they might be a little crazy, we’ve certainly seen some that are crazy hot as well, prompting our list of the 5 hottest reality TV stars! We hope to see some of these stars return to the small screen, but some ultra-hot pictures will just have to do until then.
5 Hottest Female Reality TV Stars of All Time

2Olivia Palermo – "The City"

Image Credit: Fanpop.com
Somewhat infamous before she entered the reality TV realm, Olivia Palermo had been a renowned socialite in New York for a few years before starring on "The City." The passive-aggressive and underhanded tricks she learned in the posh world of New York’s upper crust made her the perfect foil to innocent and unassuming Whitney Port. Whitney was bright and fresh-faced; Olivia is dark, mischievous, yet surprisingly charismatic. Best of all, she has a stomach that you can bounce quarters off of, and flaunts it regularly while beach vacationing (must be rough).

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