5 Hottest Moms from 90s Television

Image Credit: wikia.com
Whether you realize it or not, TV moms actually helped raise you. The valuable lessons they taught their fake TV children were ingrained in their audience, eventually helping you learn and grow into the person you are today.

And if you happened to be in your early adolescence in the 1990s, there were also quite a few TV moms who probably made you feel a little funny in the pants-region. Because 90s television wasn’t all catch phrases and cheese-ball morality, it was also chock full of smokin’ hot moms.
5 Hottest Moms from 90s Television

2Carol Foster-Lambert - Step By Step

Image Credit: suzannesomers.com
Suzanne Somers has been hot in more decades than most of you have been alive, and the 90s were no exception. Sure, Step By Step was a crappy, second rate show that rode the coattails of the higher quality TGIF programs, but Carol Foster-Lambert was a top tier hot mom. Be honest, if she was YOUR stepmother, first and foremost you absolutely have got to high five your dad, then it’s on to years of internally struggling with just how badly you want to “accidentally” walk in on her in the shower.

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