Top 5 Most Watched TV Events

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Americans like to watch TV. That's not really a breaking headline, but it's interesting that denizens of the good old U.S. of A. are becoming more and more fragmented in what they watch. Only a handful of TV events from the 21st century have made it on the list of top rated Nielsen shows, and none of them are in the top half of the list. Nielsen uses a proprietary system to measure the percentage of households in the U.S. that view a show. So even though more people watch TV in the 21st century, a smaller percentage of them tune in to the same shows.
Top 5 Most Watched TV Events

4Super Bowl XVI
There once was a time when the San Francisco 49ers had not won a Super Bowl—yea, even a time in those misty days of the past in which that vaunted team had not even been to a Super Bowl. The Cincinnati Bengals have still not won a Super Bowl. But in 1982 these two teams made their first appearance in the big game. Joe Montana, in his third year in the league, led the Niners past the Bengals with a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown. This earned the game a 49.1 Nielsen rating and Montana an MVP trophy.

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